I wiped my eyes - installer of 15.0 suggests booting from MBR

Hi all!

This is really disappointing!

I still have a system with a “msdos” disk label (according to parted).

The last time I saw “boot from MBR” was probably with openSUSE 10, several years ago!

The problem with this ever was, that certain windows updates wouldn’t work.

And it just this isn’t necessary, and never was:
Booting from root partition, and setting the boot flag accordingly, does the job, and lets alive the other systems on the disk.


Most distros default to suggesting bootloader on MBR (unfortunately). It’s a suggestion, which in openSUSE at least, you need not accept. I have never accepted it.

You can still do that, as mrmazda says.

On the summary page, click on that “Booting” heading. That will get you into a section with more choices for booting (perhaps too many choices). That’s what I always do.

If you boot installer in legacy mode it recommends MBR (ie legacy booting) If you boot it in EFI mode it will recommend EFI booting