I want to update my system


i tried to figure out how to update my system online (for example my firefox 3.0 to 3.5) but i can’t figure out how this possibly works. I tried the “online update” using Yast2 but apparently (according to Yast) there is nothing at all to be patched on my system. I tried to click on the Firefox-3.5.5 rpm in the repository web-interface and open it using “install software” but the process aborts because of unresolved dependencies.

Is there an easy way to update software without having to download/install every dependency manually ?

thank you

Did you have mozilla repo added from community repositories in software repositories in YaST.
YaST -> software repositories -> Add(click this button) -> Community repos -> mozilla repo.

Now goto software management from YaST, and search for firefox and then goto version tab below and select the newest one and then right click and choose update on firefox from the list.

Hope, it will help.