I want to get rid of windows...please help

I’m new to linux and so far wow, I love it! I have a 50 gig hardrive and want to get rid of windows (it kept the partition by default when I installed suse) How should I partition the hard drive to get rid of windows and what is the recommended percentages for the other 4 partitions.

I suppose the other three are swap, /home and root (/). And you have a small drive by to-days averages. Well root only needs about 8Gb IMHO but if you can, give it 10. Swap should be twice the size of your RAM; e.g. for 512 RAM make swap 1 Gb. The rest can be for your docs and media and so on.

To get rid of windows partition, goto Yast → system → partitioner and highlight the NTFS/windows partition. Click Edit and put checkmark in Format and choose Ext3 as a filesystem. Then in the Mount slot put /storage and it will be accessible in your filesystem at location /storage. Or you could make it mount/accessible in your home folders with this location in the Mount slot: /home/your_username/storage

Then click Apply and it should happen.

Then if you want to re-arrange your partitions or resize them you could post back the contents of this command made in a terminal and I’d give an opinion:

sudo /sbin/fdisk -l

Thank you so much

Or wait for a couple of weeks and install 11.0 afresh and let the installer make a recommendation, using the whole disk. Generally its recommendation works well for most people.

I would allocate more than 8GB to / these days. I think 11.0 gave it 20GB. I went even further. I have no problem using up / but then I have a lot of stuff in /usr/local. Anyway if you have a large disk, 20GB is nothing.

Yes of course for a big drive but cruxwashington only got 50Gb, which is why i said “8Gb IMHO but if you can, give it 10”. But ken_yap do you think (given 50Gb constraint) it should be > 10?

I would allocate 12 or 16 GB. Adding an external drive when /home runs out is cheap and easy. Expanding / is a pain.

I agree, thanks for that


I am using windows xp now i want to install opensuse 11
I tried opensuse 10.2, but I could not able to play DVD/VCD (mulitmedia player)


You will encounter the same problem with openSUSE 11. The problem is not with openSUSE itself, or particular versions. It is something called “restricted formats”. Due to the laws in various areas, codecs that are copyrighted or patented are not freely available. I would suggest reading this and this. The codecs are available .