I want to compile a custom kernel

I want to compile a custom kernel using and online system, i have a very limited hardware pc so it will take eons to finish. i have done my homework researching several posible options and found fedora copr and obs are the best candidate options.
I have tryied both and found obs is the easier way. not git repo requierent or tito and other strange thing to know in advance.
i just want to compile a kernel witch ck patch, thats all. And i don’t want not to compile it in my machine but using obs build system.
this is what i have done so far:

  • download the kernel-ck patch from git , you can just download the patch set or the whole stable kernel source with the parches already applied.
  • I downoded the kernel source kernel tree.
  • i copied the config from /boot, run make oldconfig, it generated a new config file.
    i copied this to a new directory kernel-ck-origin-with-conf-file
  • i run make zbimage and it started to compile, it did finish without errors after 4 or 5 hour.
  • i run make modules_install, it took severall hours and it didn’t finish, i mean 7 hours or so.

In his scenario is obs the right tool? i followed the on line guide to the letter but obs keep saying the there is a file missig in a unkown, abuild directory? why is it triyin to use that iectory?