I Want SUSE Studio Back Urgent!

Hi Guys, I’m Ronaldo, I’ll send a message to SUSE, I’m not going to curse it, but I already suffered a lot without SUSE Studio, you know it was merged with Open Build Service, previously openSUSE Build Service, I also like OBS, but I want SUSE Studio back! I hate SUSE Studio Express! To Develop, Create, Burn Live CDs and Install! And I also want a lot of resources for appilance. And Integrated Desktop Environments, such as KDE Plasma, GNOME, Xfce, LXDE, LXQt, Cinnamon, MATE, Budgie and Window Managers. I don’t want SUSE Studio Express! I want SUSE Studio back! Please, send this message that I did to the people of SUSE, Your Friends, Family and others outside, ok?

Sincerely: ronaldobueno81

Shifting this to General Chit-Chat (as not a request for technical assistance).

Have you considered Kiwi-NG?
I haven’t looked at Kiwi recently but AFAIK it has always been a fully capable product,
It can do a lot of things like SUSE Studio but runs completely on your machine instead of as an online service.
Here is the main documentation


Recommend posting any questions you have about running Kiwi in the Developer forums.


It’s a deprecated product, you can always buy it (SUSE Studio On Site) along with the hardware to run your own instance… Studio Express or Kiwi will give everything you need.

Are you taking me away? I’m asking SUSE Studio Onsite back and not judging SUSE products that are deprecated

How nice! Now Can I create Linux images or distributions from KIWI?

When you install Kiwi, you’ll also find additional packages which contain full, default ready to run of various openSUSE for many platforms and configurations, and include some that might be considered JeOS although may not be labeled as such. From these base images, like Studio you can customize it to be your own image.

Best to just go ahead and follow the docs to install and play around with it a bit.
If you have any questions on getting something to work, just post in the Development forums.


Does KIWI support images from SUSE Linux Enterprise?

Sure, https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/SUSE:Templates:Images:SLE-15-SP1/kiwi-templates-SLES15-JeOS

I Want to Execute KIWI, But Only In Text Mode, The Python3-Kiwi is already installed

So grab the JeOS.kiwi and config.sh file, modify as required.

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