I try live CD, it not so easy. why_

CD starts and in middle of sceen is big ughy openSUSE thing that say ‘The official openSUSE Forums are very accessible’ so i try that.

And it not so acesable. It say i must sign in to ask. so i try sign in and when done i am at place that says i can click to ‘return’ to openSUSE, but it send me not to forum .IIt send me to other place called en.opensuse.org

why welcom that way :frowning:

my question, live CD expecs english keyboard, why not ASK me what i have SEE I can not put question mark behind because i find it not

how to change keyboard
why so hard
are only english peoples to use this

goodbuy, too hard make easer for no english peoples
can ask wanted keyboard and spech no
have internet can get both no