I took the Giant Leap from 15.0 to 15.3 the other day, and ...

Super job, Developers, Maintainers, and all others on the teams!

I did a “cold” install, am now much of the way through setting things up to my liking, and have not had one single issue! Beautiful work!!! :shake:

(ps: I will be returning to Contributing soon.)

Hi Gerry. Glad to have you back here.

Every time I ventured into old threads and saw your contribution to it, that was prove of a very active and helpful life here. I have no doubt we will enjoy that again.


One thing to watch out for is, the codecs Firefox needs for MP4/H.264 Video support – they’re also in the main OSS repository and, in the “SUSE Linux Enterprise 15” repositories but, without the support that the Packman repository provides – due to licensing issues …

I’ve not had any problems with that.