I too have the graphics card troubles

Here’s my problems:

  1. I’m very new to Linux and honestly everything on computers except word, games internet, etc. (I think problem 1 will resolve itself over time)

  2. My computer won’t wake from suspend to ram. I’ve read the suspend to RAM page on the wiki and although its all greek to me I’m pretty sure I tried what it suggests correctly and it didn’t work. I do know my laptop gets hung up inside the BIOS (the screen won’t pop up and the capslock doesn’t register on and off) but I don’t know what BIOS is.

I’m running 11.4 64 bit with a “AMD Radeon HD 6630M (1GB VRAM) hybrid graphics with intel wireless display” (how its listed on the order form. I don’t know if that’s just the full description or a variation of the HD 6630M)

If anyone knows a solution or can point me in the right direction I’d be eternally grateful.