I think its finally been done

I think you guys have finally converted me completly from windows.
Ive been fighting the microsoft flu since dos 6.0. I have literally tried for years to get everything that I need working on a linux box, and have always had one problem or another, one piece of software, or a driver. (Usually beacuse I tend to buy cool hardware before I find out it works in linux, **** you x-fi)

Im finally here. I wish I could shake all of your guys hands.

Lol ive literally been trying to to get away from windows since SuSe Linux 8.2 Professional (I bought a boxed version… ive still got the books and cds to prove it too lol.)

Thank you guys for everything!!!

Cheesy grin :-}

Enjoy the freedom

welcome to freedom…

eat your cake and then go to work…only a few billion still locked
in M$ shackles…


Enjoy the freedom.

If you want to do what I did, you could email Microsoft and tell them they lost a customer.

I did that back in the days of XP SP1. I was displeased with them for several reasons, but having a distro on Linux that works, just cinched it. So I sent them an email saying I’d never buy another Microsoft product again.

I have those to, and the stickers to Geeko-ify the box. 8.2 was a good solid release.

I might just email them and let them know. I dont know if id say never though… I don’t like their operating systems… but I do miss some of their apps… in particular onenote… which as a unrelated questions… anyone know of any good alternatives?

I don’t have the stickers anymore… I was 19 I think when I bought it so I didn’t exactly keep the best track of things. The fact that I have both books, and that I’m not missing any of the optical is surprise enough.

I want some suse stickers now, lol thx for reminding me.

As an update though, Ive found that everything, webpages seem to load faster, openoffice… well i no longer have to wait a week to open. Ive never been this happy with an OS before.

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> onenote… which as a unrelated questions…
> anyone know of any good alternatives?

Try http://www.osalt.com/ and http://alternativeto.net/


It would be nice if everyone would write her/his in the hardware compability Hardware - openSUSE …thats better for us all…buying linux hardware is difficult…>:(