I suggest running OO.org 3.2 over openSUSE's (11.2) default

I’ve been maintaining my resume using OO.org using
its default ODT format and then “exporting” to PDF
and (save as) Word’s (XP) DOC format.

However, I’ve noticed when using openSUSE’s default
version of OO.org (3.1.1?), the document formatting
gets munged, specifically with respect to bullets.

I use bullets religiously in my resume, so I want to
be sure all looks as expected. I’d format the resume
in ODT format, then do a “save as” Word XP and then
when I re-opened the document, all the bullets were
not indented and there were extraneous bullets.
(The “export to PDF” worked like a charm).

I don’t know if the bullet-formatting issue happened
during the “save as” or if the “open … file” had
a problem interpreting the bulleted areas.

So, I added the “OpenOffice.org STABLE” repository and
installed OO.org 3.2 (versus openSUSE’s default version)
and now, all looks good with the “Save as” Word XP

So, if anyone else is seeing the same issue, I’d suggest
going with the STABLE repository OO.org version.

Thanks for this post. This is a problem here too converting to .doc with document containing bullet. I mentioned it before in one of the threads here.