I see my router but cannot connect to the internet HELP!!!

OK i am a semi newbie… used to be into Linux many eon’s ago Slackware and the such… then i went to the darkside and went back to windows now i am back… i am running SUSE 11.1 and my wireless Linksys card sees my Router, i put in my WEP code… and then… blah… nothing no internet… i cannot even type the IP of my router to see it… i was used to Windows where i just typed my WEP code and was online… i know my wireless card is installed right cause it sees my router as well as about 4 others that are in the office buildings around me… ihave tried everything i know including getting it to go static IP and the such… i am at a loss… HELP!!!

First of all, go to the wireless subforum and read the stickies there. From
those, you will be able to diagnose the problem, and/or provide the information
that we need to help you.

One thing to note. There are several ways to convert a WEP passphrase to WEP key
and they are incompatible. The only safe way is input the hexadecimal key.