I really hate Gnome some random rant

Thanks to the broken nvidia dirvers in 6.3.9 I am using Gnome Wayland at the moment. As an avid KDE Plasma user, I still hate Gnome I never ever get around liking it.

And now they do stupid Mac things in the file manager like, mixing directories with file names, instead of keeping them always at top. Are there really users, that like that behavior? I have to manually configure keep directories at top.

There appears to be no option to enter a directory name. I really dislike the file browser

The QT integration, is so abysmal, that QT programs basically become unusable.

Dolphin looks so bad. Konqueror/Dolphin were the reason I switched to Linux.

Multi-monitor use in Gnome, is so all over the place.

Applications windows you place to another monitor, appear back on another screen after getting them back in the foreground.

Steam, Vulkan shader processing takes so much longer.

Even so with Gnome Wayland, I can only output to the nvidia USB-C MST screens, the notebook screen can not be turned off.

the gnome-terminal 3.48.1 for Gnome 44 is absolute complete and utter unusable garbage. - full flickering transparent artefacts.

Yast is not really integrated into the design of Gnome.

So much design-garbage coming from Mac.

I cannot get IBUS running wayland.
Electron packages don’t start

wine Apps don’t work

On big monitors, (I do have 2x 43" screen) the workflow is absolutely reducing productivity.
KDE you can easily move the open items box to your favorite position that you do not need to look from left to right all over the screen.

But wait there is more.

I truly dislike Gnome. The workflow gets into the way of my productivity.

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I guess you don’t like Gnome.

At one time, I used Gnome. But that was back at Gnome 2.x. The Gnome maintainers were beginning to change the desktop in ways that I didn’t like, so I gave KDE a try. And I’ve mostly been with KDE since then (and a brief test run with XFCE). When Gnome 3 came out, I was glad that I had switched.

However, I do still install Gnome as an alternative desktop, and I occasionally try it out. I still don’t like it, but it is usable for most of what I do. And it has done a better job of integrating Wayland support.

KDE and Gnome 3 both are garbage in my mind - cannot find things that were where they once were - XFCE does not have enough. So I stick with Gnome 2 which is now called MATE which was more like Windows XP - my favorite desktop layout. Maybe being in my 70’s makes me hate the change, like I hate some new music genres.

The menus don’t follow Microsoft’s new craze like KDE and Gnomes weird 6 window start up.

At least my startup scripts start in Gnome - but not in KDE. I have virtual machines for both desktops to test new versions of VirtualBox.

My 10 seconds on the soapbox.


I am trying to start Steam - Dota.
Processing Vulkan-Shaders takes 30-50 minutes to start that game.
With Plasma X11 that is like 1-2 minutes. The frame rates (1660ti) go down to 5fps. Never seen so low fps with KDE X11.

Also updated Ubuntu 23.04 Steam doesn’t even start.
Even Ubuntu Gnome settings are slightly better, for real, when come the 6.3.9 fixes :frowning:

If you don’t like gnome, then don’t use it. Unlike some other distro where you’ll encounter third-class support for another DE(Talking to you, Fedora), openSUSE has good support for KDE and other desktop environments.

KDE is broken at the moment.

and yes Opensuse is the KDE distribution. Use it is since 2005, and I try every other distro with ventoy. But for me usually opensuse KDE beats them all for me.

If you don’t like gnome, and kde is broken, you could just rollback to a previous snapshot(assuming you’re using btrfs) and everything will be okay.

I’m glad i don’t have nvidia because in the past 2 years i’ve seen a lot of people crying out for AMD/Intel’s help.

It always depends on how much you are interested in an OS and if you are willing to learn or only want to complain. 4 bare metal machines (+ several VMs) with Tumbleweed and proprietary Nvidia drivers (all three available driver generations) with KDE Plasma (there is absolutely nothing broken). Works like a charm. And if you are not able to solve a basic problem or package conflict on your own…linux seems not the best solution for you then…


I have been a proponent of Gnome’s vision since the Shell was released. Unfortunately every time I tried it, it was not stable. I found this through the entirety of Gnome 3.* This year i tried Gnome 4* and it seems they’ve finally resolved the stability issues. That plus the the Pop shell extension which adds windo tiling has finally allowed me to switch over to Gnome shell.
I have been using the desktop for about three months now and have really grown to love it.
It’s not without issues though. For one, I absolutely agree with you about the file manager. I’ve actually installed Nemo onto my computer and use it instead of Nautilus.
I want to mention that some of the issues you mention are not Gnome related though. The Nvidia driver thing is not Gnome. The wine issue is not Gnome either. Those are Wayland issues. If you switch to a Gnome X11 session you should find those problems cleared up.
I really loved using Wayland in Gnome but alas I too have had to switch to X11 as I do like to use certain wine programs and they wouldn’t work in a Wayland session.
I don’t know what your deal is with the terminal but as that’s a graphical problem, that may clear up if you switch to X11 as well.
Don’t know what your issue with Yast is. It works fine for me.

ah, yes the infamous answer that makes people love linux. :heart:

I am fully invested in Linux since 2005, only run openSUSE on all my machines. Very, very rarely boot to Windows, basically exclusively to make the security updates. Thanks to the annoying user names upgrades, I had to use a new user name in the forum…

This is one of my systems, before the latest updates.

Ryzen 4600h + nvidia, 2 screen running from AMD graphics, 3 screen from nvidia 1660ti

As you can see in the video above all is working, multi GPU, multi monitor, steam together with multiple games.
Now, Steam with X11 KDE does not start.

I can only run Wayland for the nvidia screen or X11 for the AMD screen, but not together.

But also the system locks up. The speed is down, so all in all a tremendously bad experience.

No, I don’t use BTRFS as I had physically(!) damaged flash drives with it. But never ever any data loss with EXT4.

as the multi GPU situation is a little bit flaky, reverting with snapper, usually brakes the functionality and it mostly requires a reinstall.

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Yast works fine, just the aesthetics in GNOME. Us KDE Plasma user know, how well GTK applications are themed in KDE. And Gnome4, shows how bad KDE/qt applications are themed with GTK.

The Gnome Terminal in Gnome4 and Wayland is totally unusable for me. very strange behavior, massive artifacts, so I need to use Konsole. Does not happen in Ubuntu, so I need to check.

I cannot use X11 Gnome, as my nvidia screen won’t display with the latest updates, 6.3.9 and G06 530.
The reason why I am ranting. I will make a another reinstall and try to install G06 5.25 from binary, if I find the time today.

Tbh, the Gnome4 workflow would make sense on tablets and small screens. If you see my post above and my big screen (2x43") the workflow is really bad. But, the Ubuntu settings are better, than the openSUSE settings for Gnome. No visually panel, is not a good idea IMO.

either Gnome file manager or Nautilus, I don’t like them both, one major feature is the split view of Dolphin, that makes any file manager, that does not have it stressful to use.

Which is still only a small one when compared to Konqueror, which can split horizontal and vertical, both multiple times.
Yes, not all that is “newer” is “better”.

I can launch Steam with Nvidia propietary drivers (G06 series driver) using Wayland. However, games I use to play (ZeroK for example) has issues with mouse, when doing some “drag” actions in game.