I Reach the 1000 Mark.

Yeah, I reach the 1000 post with this nice forum, sadly 75% of my posts were useless posts. Maybe it’s about time to hang up my gloves and that nasty forum name. To all the folks out there nice to be part of the openSUSE forums.

Congratulations. That 1000 doesn’t even cover all the help you gave on the old forum either. Just think how many folks you have guided. You have been around here a long time. There is a lot to be said for that.

Congratulations conram on the 1000 posts. Pretty impressive achieving 25%+ useful post figure. I have not made it into the double digits for useful posts yet, but I figure at my current rate of 1% compounded annually I will get there some time in the year 3000.

Don’t rest on your laurels and the hefty premium the Official Forum pays to those in the 1K club. The next step up at 10K gets you all the members of the opposite sex you can handle plus free beer.

Thanks for helping regular folks with using Linux.

So, when I hit 10,000 posts, I get some old broad and FREE BEER?


Hey, congratulations and Thank You on making it to 1000 posts :slight_smile: when
you hit 2000 it will be 50% :wink:

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Congratulations on reaching 1E3 posts, your contributions to the forum are very helpful to newer users such as myself.

Keep up the good work.


You make a great contribution here. Keep it up, you are highly valued:)


here is your reward!


j/k :wink:

From my limited time here in the forums, I’ve seen you help out a lot. If 75% of your posts were useless consider 99% of mine useless :slight_smile:

I didn’t even noticed I’ve hit this mark too until I read this thread. And I just joined this year, so not only do I have more useless posts, I’m spewing them out faster! If only I had a life outside of college, rugby, and drinking :stuck_out_tongue:

As caf and all the others here have said, your contributions are highly appreciated!

Take Care,


Congrats conram! I feel like I’ll never get there. :’(

Hehehe. I feel like such an imposter :wink:

Still, if I can answer a few simple questions quickly, I figure it frees up the knowledgeable souls such as yourself to take the time to ponder the harder ones…

(or at least 25% of them…;))

Congrats conram!

LOL Conram, I remember on the old forums we where over 5,000 post! I know I had over 5k on both forums as “Bandit”. :slight_smile:

Over 1000 ! Congratulations conman!

but over 1000 … I have to warn you that its all a slippery slope down from here. Gremlins attracted by the keyboard warmth after the 1000th post start infecting the PC. … reboots occur in the middle of the night, and one wakes up groggy at times in their chair at 2:00am, with a screen saver staring them in the face. Hidden electronic waves from the monitor start radiating after the 1000th post, causing one’s eyes to go bloodshot.

Advanced arthritis starts appearing in the hands, with severe callouses on the finger tips.

One’s back becomes hunched from leaning over the keyboard, and one’s stomach muscles weaken, and one appears 8 months pregnant.

Its a slippery slope. Just ask caf4926 and anyone else who has cracked the 1000 barrier ! … rotfl! rotfl!

Nice work Conram! IMHO ALL of your posts are useful, keep on posting :slight_smile:

Congratulations, conram! :slight_smile: I myself feel that I will never reach the 1000 post mark.

@oldcpu: rotfl! Oh no… My back’s already beginning to feel funny. :wink:

I got 2200+ posts, some got 10000+… anything special about reaching a specific post count?

IT’S OVER 9000!!! (some wouldn’t know what this means :P)

WHAT?! 9000!!! There’s no way that can be right! (DBZ ftw :smiley: )

anyways, congrats conram. At my current rate, I probably won’t be there for a couple of years (by that time, there’ll be users with 50k, so its not like it’ll mean much anyways.)

LOL, I feel like I got hit with a freight train of the above symptoms… rotfl!

Bandit, how have ya been?:slight_smile:

I have been good. Just working alot. But I got laid off work 3 weeks ago. So now I am going crazy with so much free time.
But things are going to be good. I am taking my G.I. Bill money and going back to college starting this spring semester. I plan on finishing my programming degree I started before going into the military and then see if I can get a associates degree also in engineering. It should be fun… 3 years of non stop college. Woot!! lol!