I need to install nVidia drivers, I need help with that...


I’m currently using the opensource drivers for my nVidia Geforce 9600M GT card.

However I don’t have openGL support it turns out. So I reckon I need to install the official nVidia drivers for OpenSUSE. So I go here:

NVIDIA drivers - openSUSE

And choose the 1-click install. However yast tells me I’m running a legacy nVidia card and suggests me to abort.

I’m a n00b when it comes to drivers and OpenSUSE.

In fact I’m not sure I need the official drivers. But I’m trying to run the game ‘Zero Ballistics’:
Zero Ballistics - Tank Game

I’m getting errors that suggests I don’t have openGL support. I can run the command ‘glxgears’ just fine without trouble, but openGL screensavers lag something fierce.

My experience tells me I need new drivers for the Graphicscard, but thats experience with M$ Windows telling me that.

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I’m not a 1-click install user. In fact I confess I do not like it. But many users swear by it, and I believe it should be possible to install the driver via the 1-click install.

The very first thought that would come to my mind is you possibly clicked on the wrong button on that page. You are given 3 selections … and you should click on the one for "For all new NVIDIA cards (Geforce 6 and newer) ".

If that is what you clicked on and you get that error then I can not help. Of course I assume you are correct that you only have the one graphic device 9600M on your PC and there is no other hardware on your PC that could have confused the 1-click-install.

Anyway, I can’t help with 1-click-install problems. If you end up trying the “hardway” NVIDIA/The hard way - openSUSE then I may be able to provide some help.

It seems I earned myself another ‘stupid point’. I forgot to read an ‘if’. Surprisingly how much that can change the meaning of a sentence…:shame:

The warning was ‘If you have an nvidia legacy card you don’t want to do this.’

And I forgot to read that first ‘if’ !!:shame:

Now the drivers are installed and the system still runs. I get the same error from the game though…