I need the 11.1 64 bit ISO

Where can I get the 64 bit ISO for 11.1? Poking around in “download” area and using the search didn’t get me a location.

I had a hardware failure and am going to have to reinstall Grub without the hooks to the MBR of the first physical drive.

I can’t find my install medium so I can repair the bootloader. The drives are going to be physically moved to a new motherboard and the first drive is not going to exist in the new installation.

This is my daily driver with all my personal files and data running under KDE 3.5 so I will not be upgrading to 11.2 or reinstalling. I managed to get it booting in a temporary system but its not staying here.

Index of /distribution/11.1/iso

Thanks so much. I don’t know why I didn’t find that link.

Here is hoping the replacement motherboard does the trick. I looked at the original 2007 invoice and I still need to get three more years out of that rig.