I need help with X server configuration problem

Could somene help with this?
Im using a linux T41 laptop. I used the suse 11.0 release to update a suse linux 10 dvd that came with suse linux for dummies 10. anyways I didnt want to install the unstable kde4 desktop because I have personal settings for my users dekstop and I didnt want that to be ruined. Anyways I wasn’t sure if installing kde
4 desktop would ruin my kde 3 setup/desktop. Ok here we go I got alot of typing to do.
actually ill sum it up like this

kdm_config[5684]: Multiple occurrences of key ‘AllowRootLogin’ in section [X-*-Core] of /opt/kde3/share/config/kdm/kdmrc

all show that top error message accept with there names inside the ‘’ marks.

then after thoughs it says,
X server “/usr/X11R6/bin/X” cannot be executed
X server for display :0 can’t be started, session disabled

and before all of these things I cant switch the screen fast enough to notice the log messages its giving me but there are some I can catch like,

can’t load conntrack support for proto=10
kernel: nf_conntrack version 0.5.0 (16384 buckets, 65536 max)
kernel: can’t load conntrack support for proto=10

Hey I know this might sound stupid but could use guys make sure
the next release would be stable on a t41 laptop. Its not really
your responsability but I have yet to find a stable version of
linux that I dont have to uninstall later. Mc is one of my big
bug problems. Its got probably 4 or five number of bugs and I
think it might mess up the actual linux operating system somehow
also I dont know what you guys know about computers but for some
reason installation seems to be different sometimes. Like I think
that all these versions of linux store things in the registry files that cant be change and imitate things that need them. Im not sure about that but I think openSUSE has alot of problems like that.
Because for some reason every time I install linux again the installation is different Theres file blocks when starting redhat linux and stuff. and well I still have not use the DSL cd that came with the **** small inux book because Im scared to even waist time installing another operating system on my computer.
Not one has been comprehendable enough and cleanly installed without problems from the outside world ruining my computer.
Not one operating system I own actually. Thanks for all the support.

Ps. My gx260 dell wasnt able to enter the kde desktop included with the opensuse linux 11.1 cd I downloaded form you guys. and
again thanks for your time.

You might get some insight into your problems if you use google. I managed to dig up a couple of potentially useful references.

TuxMobil: Linux Laptop & Notebook Installation Guides: Lenovo (former IBM)

This site has links to various linux users installation accounts and tips.

Installing OpenSuSE 10.1 on a ThinkPad X41 Tablet - ThinkWiki

Not a recent version of suse, but usually later versions present less of a problem as drivers get updated etc.

What’s that about installers? Of cause they change over the years. If not you would have told us all, that there’s no development at all.
If you knew you were going to run linux on the laptop, did you try to find out if the hardware was capable?

Furthermore I’d like to make clear that the forum is meant to help each other, but that’s not possible because you just let out your frustration. I know there’s people out there running openSUSE on a machine like yours.

I suggest you download openSUSE 11.1 and do a clean install. Since your /home is on a separate partition you can keep that. 11.1 Also lets you install KDE3 if that’s what you want.
And there’s this: on many occasions it has been stated in the fora that upgrading should be done on the previous version. From what I read you upgraded 10.0 with 11.0. IMHO a guarantee for at least some instability.

Wow.? :frowning: ;

Im not sure what fresh install is but i think its inserting the iso I downloaded from you guys when suse 11.1 was released and installing from that cd. Hopefully it works. Im installing a kde 3 base system with all the packages and Im hoping it runs cleanly if not I might have to use the suse linux 11.0 cd and do a clean install from that cd. You know Im probably the only one using suse linux that needs help. Have you even helped anyone useing suse linux or do you just help people like my uncle vern that already know how to install a fresh linux on there computer?

Anyways I wanted to recommend that you guys prompt users after the installation telling us when its ok to remove the cd from the cd drive because I hate having to remove the cd before my computer tries to read the cdrom drive. Just a suggestion for opensuse. also
Im gonna post some feedback here from the installation of a fresh suse linux 11.1 if you guys wanna here it. Im installing with wondows on the same computer so I dont know if that will interfere but its better I send you guys some input then not sending you input about my installatoon. Also openSUSE linux 11.1 fresh install on my gx260 computer couldnt manage to srart the x server. It might be cause of my graphics card, but thats something you guys prolly should fix anyways. I can understand good graphics but how about an operating system that can still run a desktop without the best graphical system if needs be for the computers hardware. um feedback from by ibm t41 install coming soon, Im at 90% here.

Ok so far its lagged a little and on my dells it lags tremendously
when selecting packages to be installed. After that I removed the cd whrn it said rebooting system and it rebooted with a little lag but without any failed system configurations. Now Im in the automatic configuration and it says it needs smpppd and I dont know why it does but thats probably something to include in the installation or to remove from the configuration. I would a prefer a system with as many uneeded deamons removed. Ok moving right along Im gonna put the cd back in and install the smppd package that needs to be installed.

While im giving you my feed back can I say that hackers know how to make your cd writer burn viruses on a cd without your permission and a good recomendation for any operating system is this. If your operating system can make sure a cd is clean and clean it/fix the problem that would be awesome as well. After
placing the cd rom in the drive and using the retry button to start the installation of smppd it installed but If I where on a network someone might have been able to compromise my computers integrity. Also Wow! suse linux 11.1 clean install looks great but there are things people dont want you to know about the installation process or there might have been errors. anyways thanks for suse linux 11.1 it looks great and still needs a lot of security work. Ok after installing the desktop I got a message Unable to fine any backend plugin. Please install one and restart Updater Applet. Im sure if the operating system is more secure there would be less problems as well. im gonna press the ok button. KDE3 style desktop is the the best if you ask me what dekstop I prefer. I like everything about it accept for how stupid the first popup window looks with the information about opensuse Project Community support and Build Service, I bet if it was smaller and placed different it would look perfect.
also the dekstop icons in the upper left ulligned like a sideways L is horrible and opensuse would be so much better without that default dekstop setting but thats just my opinion on the installation. Ok one more thing you guys should default to the kde menu style also cause thats a better look in my opinion, accept shrinking the default kdes width by at least 10px wouldnt hurt also but Id have to see it when it was done. mayby just getting rid of the KDE 3.5 bar. Ill send you guys more feed back about opensuse linux 11.1 if you want me to because I usually find something wrong with the operating system the more I use the programs it comes with like Gimp.

Unfortunately, much of your comment does not make sense, or at least the analysis of some of the problems you had is completely wrong (thats why Knurpht responded the way he did). Most problems and confusion comes from being a new user without experience.

Some of your suggestions concerning the installer needs to bedirected to the developers, not this forum. We’re users like you.