I need help with random wifi (hotspot connection) problems

Hi All,

Good day ! I am new to OpenSuse (installed couple of days before) and I am overall very happy with the experience (rock solid, I must say).

I have a problem connecting to my mobile hotspot. I am some times able to connect only after 4 or 5 attempts ( I keep pressing the ‘connect’ button). Some other times, it gets connected but it reports ‘Limited connectivity’. I have verified that the Internet works on mobile though.

I have below screenshots of the NetworkManager logs (when this issue happens) and my wifi settings.

NetworkManager Journalctl log
Wifi setting

I will be grateful for any help on this situation.

Thank you.


Hi, welcome to the forum!

Your screenshots (NetworkManager infterface settings, journalctl saying “Activation: failed for connection 'wlan0;”) do not tell too much. For things like logs it is better to post the text instead of a screenshot.

Can you do “nmcli device wifi list” and check:

  1. What is the Signal (Value 0-100) for the AP you want to connect to?
  2. How many more AP’s are there, are they overlapping and are they “loud”, i.e. is their Signal high?

Would be also good to post a longer part of your journal showing a successful connect and one or two failed attempts.

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