I need help to upgrade

I have opensuse 13.2 and would like to upgrade to the latest version.
I saw 2 threads talking about Leap 42.n

Would I go from 13.2 directly to 42.2 ?

I would only work once in a few days reinstalling Leap42.3

??? What does that mean ?


Basically yes, but this depends on your repos. The upgrade path is tested.

Aha, now I get it !

One more question before I step out into the blue, will the install ask me where I want to install it ? It has been a long time since I did the last one and I might have installed 12.3 into its own partition.
is there a way to check the present configuration to see where the present version resides as well as where /home is ?


Yes the installer gives you complete control if you take it. Just verify thing are set to go to the right places before accepting the partition scheme. ie read all the screens don’t just press accept repeatedly and expect the installer to read your mind

You mean you do not know how your disk(s) is/are partitioned and what the partitions are used for?

To see your partitioning:

fdisk -l

To see what your present running operating system is using of them and for what:


which should reflect what you have configured in

cat /etc/fstab

If you choose “Upgrade”, the installer will automatically re-use the partitions of your existing openSUSE system.
(it will present you what it found though and will ask for confirmation)

Wow, this is terrific info.
Thanks a lot and I tried to give *** to everyone but apparently I need to spread them around more evenly.
Only 1 got the kudos. Grrr

Hcv v, I have a vague idea how they are partitioned and was looking around yesterday to confirm my understanding. But this linux is a fearsome beast and sometimes does things that I didnt want. Totally my fault but I like to look ahead if I can.

For example, I was trying to determine where “home” is in relation to what shows as disk drives in Dolphin-file manager.
I was wishing that Dolphin showed the sda1, etc.
I think that I eventually got it figured out.
What happened with 13.2 was that I got a new SSD and I think I tried to put openSuse on it while putting “home” somewhere else.
And to be safe, I might still have 2 “homes” hanging around.
Trying to figure out which was the active one and on which disks it resides is a challenge for me.

Thanks again

Dolphin is an end-users tool. And end-users are not assumed to know much about disks, their partitions, the file system on them or where they are mounted. End-users are assumed to start at their personal home directory and then ging to the files and directories (which end-users often call “maps” or “folders” in their desktop metaphore), etc.

System managers/administrators have knowledge on how the system is build. And they use tools like YaST (in this case probably Partitioner) and/or CLI tools.

And for disks, etc, this might be interesting for you: https://en.opensuse.org/SDB%3ABasics_of_partitions,_filesystems,_mount_points