I need help please

I have to join a movie that has been split into 8 parts
Does anyone know how to insatll hjsplit for linux
I am a total newbie with suse but I love it its much better than windows hands down

I downloaded the library and hjsplit for linux

But Need step by step instructions how to install the programs

Soory about the newbie and rudimentary questions

Thank you

Why can’t you just open up a command prompt (konsole terminal) and use the command:

cat movie.part1 movie.part2 … movie.part8 > movie.avi

where, of course, you have to replace ‘movie.part1’ etc with the actual names of the files?

thx for the info but again I am a newbie
when i use the cat command how do i poin the command to the folder holding the 8 parts?


you can use

cp /xxx to move into the folder where you parts are and then use the command.

if you want to do it from another folder

cat /xxx/movie.part1 /xxx/movie.part2 … movie.part8 > /yyy/movie.avi

where /xxx is the path to you folder where the parts are
and /yyy is where you want the merged file to be created.


I don’t know that you can join split multimedia files with cat and get a desirable result. I haven’t done that before because I wouldn’t have imagined doing that and a simple Google turns up all sorts of supporting evidence the pieces won’t be joined smoothly (my guess is that it’s running the individual pieces sequentially and not re-compiling as a single file. This is particularly important with multimedia because the buffer needs to be filled with content in preparation for displaying).

So, what is the problem you’re having?
Are you downloading and following the instructions from the software vendor?

Freebyte.com - HJSPLIT Vendor

Or, I my personal preference is to choose the type of format I intend to re-compile (eg Xvid, DivX, WMV, etc) and use those tools, it makes for fewer steps and usually a better result.

As long as you are using split and cat for splitting and joining for transport, the result will be bit-identical at the other end and so won’t be an issue whatever the format. You can do the same thing with ISO images too.

I can agree with that… which of course assumes that you <know> the origins of the split files and that each file isn’t individually playable (only playable as a single large file).


In Packman
webpin: Webpin

this assumes you are OS 11.1

To get to the directory use cd /pathToYourFiles