I need help installing broadcom BCM4312 drivers

Hi guy’s I’m very new to Opensuse. On Ubuntu and linux mint did not detect it but when connected by ethernet there is a program called Additional Drivers problem is I have open suse and doesn’t detect my wifi. I guess I have to run update or something but problem is I have no router nothing I am at a dorm at a university and there is just wifi. Can somebody help me to install it? I can download the driver to a usb then tranfer to the laptop I installed opensuse. Ty

When I was at my home town I had the laptop connected to internet and ran addition driver on ubuntu. Anyway’s. Here a screeen shop right now from ubuntu.


If you have not already done so, then add the Packman repo. You can do this with

Yast → Software Repositories

and click “Add”. Then check the box for community repos. On the next screen, select Packman.

Once you have added the Packman repo, install broadcom-wl, and the “broadcom-wl-kmp-*” package(s) appropriate for your installed kernel. For example, I am using the desktop kernel, so I would install “broadcom-wl-kmp-desktop”.

After installing that, reboot and you should be set to go.

Thank you both for the very fast responses.

I’d no sooner posted here when I finally found https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Bluetooth where I found enough clues to figure out a solution that worked for me.

Go to Kicker>Configure Desktop>Network and Connectivity>Bluetooth
Click on the first instance of Designer mouse to highlight that line, then click the remove button.
Repeat for each instance.
Click browse for devices then click on add device to add the mouse and then it just works as expected.

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