İ need better Conkies

İ can just make work default Conky and i need better conkies. How can i make work Conky Manager or better Conkies?

Looks like Malcolm has built Conky Manager for numerous openSUSE including Tumbleweed…


I wrote a Wiki artilce awhile back how to find missing files, dependencies, packages, etc.



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Yes, conky-manager is in my home repo, builds, but has not been updated in a long time! I would suggest a web search for conky themes, then there are the likes of Conky - Gnome-look.org

All depends on what you want, just plain output, or using the likes of lua to create widgets etc.

Ty for for your helpfulness.

Cinnamon made conkies work.

I suspect that the GNOME DE may have been running Wayland? Cinnamon is running X11…

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