I need all the Repositories for openSUSE 12.3

Hello there!
I’m new at Linux, I have openSUSE 12.3 and 32 bits and I have a huge problem finding Repositories, I want you from you guys to send for me the URL’s of the Repostories of openSUSE 12.3 so I can add them, I don’t want the official Repsotiroies that comes with the OS when it first installs, I want new Repositories, thank you.

Index of download.opensuse.org

For 12.3 sub repos you need to look for yourself. Too many.

And… usage at your own risk.

How to zypp it?
I mean can you tell me how to get them? An Article that has all the Repositories for KDE openSUSE 12.3 ?

That makes no sense at all. If you add all available repositories your
system will be almost immediately broken after you install a few
packages or do an update from them.
Simple reason most of them are for special purposes and contain
conflicting software packages.
What you want would probably something bleeding edge like Tumbleweed,
but I cannot recommend it to you given your post as it needs some
familiarity and experience with Linux and openSUSE to properly deal with

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First of all: read the excellent docu of openSUSE.
doc.opensuse.org - Documentation Guides & Manuals

Especially: openSUSE 12.3: Part II. Managing and Updating Software


Thank you for the help, I will not add all the Repositories, only the ones I need also, thanks for giving me links for the KDE repositories. :slight_smile:

A google search would have lead you directly to the relevant sites.

On Thu, 18 Apr 2013 17:16:07 +0000, AkiroSkullfield wrote:

> How to zypp it?
> I mean can you tell me how to get them? An Article that has all the
> Repositories for KDE openSUSE 12.3 ?

This is not the right approach to use - “all the repositories” doesn’t
mean anything, and will result in a completely unworkable system.

For example, suppose (this isn’t actually a specific example) you have
repositories for KDE 4.9 and KDE 4.10, and a package exists in the latter
but not the former. You have KDE 4.9 installed, and install the 4.10
package, and that triggers an upgrade to 4.10. But there are packages in
4.9 that aren’t in 4.10.

That’s a recipe for a mess.

Instead of asking for “all the repositories”, try asking about a specific
package you’re interested in. Search at http://software.opensuse.org for
that package, and see if it’s available in a repo you’ve already added.

In general, the only repos you should have are:

  1. OSS
  2. Non-OSS (optional)
  3. Update
  4. ATI/nVidia if you need those
  5. Packman (if you want restricted codecs and other “non-OSS non-free
    patent encumbered stuff” available.

That’s it.


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You will need only 5 repos.

OSS Index of /distribution/12.3/repo/oss
Non-OSS Index of /distribution/12.3/repo/non-oss
update Index of /update/12.3
Non-OSS update Index of /update/12.3-non-oss
Packman/Multimedia : Index of /suse/12.3/

Later you can add other repos on need basis like ATI repos

Go easy, with the huge fonts. I don’t think there are many visually challenged users using the forums >:(

> I will not add all the Repositories, only the ones I need

to begin, you only need FIVE.

please read the paragraph beginning with “IMPORTANT!” in the posting
here: http://tinyurl.com/33qc9vu

and, be aware that NOT following that advice has cause many new folks
to KILL their system–and, they do it in ways that makes it
impossible to repair, especially from a distance, via the forums.

if you don’t follow the “IMPORTANT!” guidance, then you fix it
yourself…as is mentioned in the paragraph.