I need a recommendation for a full keyboard.

hi, I initially asked about Corsair Mechanical keyboards, no response on that but … apparently no need anymore… been reading a lot since then and those keyboards can be problematic, having to unplug/plug the thing after boot, some keys writing 2 or 3 times a character, cap or num lock not always working, etc… and the unoficial driver, while a good effort, doesn’t always works.

So now… I just like to ask for a recommendation for a USB generic but full size keyboard (numpad, function keys, etc…) that will work ‘out of the box’ with Suse without any of those nuisances or ‘hacks’.

Thank you.

Is personal equipment but I went with ROCCAT Arvo http://www.roccat.org/en/Products/Gaming-Keyboards/Arvo/ mainly because it was cheap :slight_smile:

Not a fan of their website, boobs and boring game aesthetics last I looked, YAY. But decent quality and this Search They do make drivers for Linux, even if unofficial. Counted a bit too.

These aren’t official ROCCAT™ drivers; rather, they’re coded by enthusiastic programmers. ROCCAT™ is keen to support him wherever we can, and we are delighted to have such an active community.

They say about Linux drivers but double check facts from actual users as well!

I will never get used to not having normal cursor arrangement. Feature not a bug and why it is so tiny but pffft. If not an issue I guess I can recommend discount “gamer” keyboard Arvo.

Make that relatively cheap. Think I got http://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/wireless-combo-mk320?crid=27 combo recommended from this forum. But I have broken better models from Logitech in few weeks so not really an option. Know someone who have had that set for almost 2 years, heavy use too. Compared to standard Logitech stuff even Arvo is not cheap - but can get lots worse and I doubt Corsair mechanical keyb. is cheap.

Most is **** according to me and my research. http://www.clickykeyboards.com/ old days had less problems :slight_smile: May be an idea to look for non standard stuff, http://www.pckeyboard.com/ may be.

Cherry keyboards, Not cheap. Worth the money.

you could look at Monoprice’s keyboards - come in Cherry red, blue and black (iirc) they’re often out of stock but they’re priced reasonably

Personally I use a old IBM Model M clickity kb that I got at a fleamarket for < $5 - amazingly good (ps/2 connector but no Super key), the online market for these are pretty expensive considering their age but they just work and keep working forever

Hmmm… I have been using a logitech gaming keyboard for about 10 years now and my only complaint is the key icons for WASD are wearing off. I use logitech keyboards for my servers and even my clients with good results. In particular I love my solar keyboard (using it here) for typing. I am not a big fan of the larger “wave” units, or the ones that are suppoosed to position your hands corretly. They never fit me and cause more harm than good as I have huge gorrilla hands :-)…

Mechanicals are all the rage lately, I could not help you with that - I have yet to use one.

Recently got a Compucessory lighted board very nice in low light :wink:

Feels more like a notebook key board in key stroke but is not bad at all and as I say great low light board.

I second Logitech I have a wireless one that still goes (and worn out key lettering), as well as a smaller one with trackpad for the android device plugged into the TV, this is the unifying one.

I would suggest a unifying version if you every decide to get a mouse you can just pair it up (there is a util called solaar for this).

Thank you for the recommendations, checking them out as well as a few that I’ve seem on the web, apparently, the best choice is to get one as simple as possible, those that do not require a driver or a firmware update, there several cheap ones and 2 brands that offer mechanical ones but they’re pricey at over $150 even if they don’t have any special keys, which would be most likely useless on Linux anyway.

On 2015-03-07, ionmich <ionmich@no-mx.forums.opensuse.org> wrote:
> Cherry keyboards, Not cheap. Worth the money.

Agreed. They don’t have to be expensive either. The G80-3000 range represent excellent value for money.

After starting with an IBM PC keyboard, and staying with IBM up through the XT / AT / and so on, I learned to love the clickety noise and feel of the buckling spring keys. Eventually the computers got fast enough that I had trouble getting the originals to work reliably. I spent quite a few years with all sorts of keyboards, never finding one I really liked. Then, I found the Razor Black Widow mechanical. I really liked the backlighted keys… but … the keys weren’t quite what I was looking for. Someone turned me on to Unicomp keyboards. They are buckling spring keys and are alomst exactly the same as the IBM keyboards except they can be had with 104 keys. Since purchasing a couple of them, I am pleased to report that my typing speed has come up noticably as has my typing accuracy! AND!!! They have penguin keycaps to replace the wavey windows keys! How cool is that?

Keyboards are personal. They should fit the person. I like what I have.


penguin caps :slight_smile: cool!

Absolutely a top notch product line. Lots of very specialized models too.

Of course the old IBM M model is the gold standard for a lot of serious typists. I have a 20 yr. old one I cherish.
Unicomp makes a pretty good imitation, same specs as the old M last time I checked.

I also have a really nice buckling spring keyboard from Cooler Master that also uses Cherry buckling spring switches like the Unicomp & the M. Very basic layout, just what I need for transcribing interviews for a book.

I have to chukle a bit about this next bit…

I picked up my Solar Powered Keyboard / Mouse combo at Goodwill here in my home town for $20US. All that was needed was a good cleaning and new backup battey (CR2032). It works perfectly with Linux and Solaar and the Unifing reciver is great for my servers, and my desktop. I can pack it around easily, and it automatically logs in to my server bench and my desktop without isseus. It is the only USB based receiver that my KVM will accept and pass on to all my connected boxes, the others would not.

I have tried other Microsoft keyboards and they just feel wrong, or are problematic with Linux (go figure). Others just don’t last as long or have wonky support.