I miss gui interface to avidemux -- Suse 12.3

When I search in Yast2 for the string avidemux, I see only one package: avidemux. And that one contains just one executable: avidemux2_cli. When I look at this screenshot http://www.opensuse-lernen.de/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/avidemux_001.png I can also see avidemux-qt and avidemux-lang.

Do I miss some repository? I have the following enabled:


You need Packman (as you can actually see in the screenshot), the standard multimedia repo for openSUSE.
Add that in YaST->Software Repositories by clicking on Add and choosing “Community Repositories”, or use one of the “openSUSE multimedia” 1-click installs that are available on the net.

But what confuses me a bit: with only the four standard repos, you should not see any avidemux, not even the cli version…
Are you sure you don’t have an additional repo you didn’t tell about? :wink:

Maybe from some installation before. I upgraded a few times … interesting, that the cli-version is still running?

Works now. Thanks