I messed up my mouse (meese?)

My laptop has two pointers, an eraser one (between the “G” and “H” keys) and a trackpad. When I am home I use a USB Intellimouse.

I don’t remember why, but I made the trackpad Mouse 1 and removed the USB Intellimouse. I think it was because my trackpad was not working in some instances but the pencil pointer did (which is fine because that’s my primary one)

Nothing happened at first but last night I did something different… I rebooted.

Seems the mouse situation took hold and now the only mouse that works is my trackpad (which is the worst of the 3). I tried rebooting with the USB mouse in, and tried with the USB mouse out and then plug it in and nothing.

So I am wondering, how do I get my pencil pointer back working (primary) and my USB mouse (secondary)? The track pad is lousy, so my preference is hte pencil pointer.