I love this Version, But small problem

I love this version, it is fast on the respositories, pretty fast on load, fairly compact on my system, but I have one small issue on Boot, the Phonon (HDA Intel (STAC92xx Analog) quits working on sound and reverts back to PulseAudio, but funny thing is I can open Amarok for audio and plays the audio fine. So I am stumpted, went to sound card under Administrator settings and click on testing sound, NO SOUND and all the sliders are at maximum. So anybody have any ideas? Also, may be related, but when I select KMix, it acts like it wants to start, then the bouncing icon goes away after a few 20 to 30 seconds, like it is not recognizing it in the system.

I disables pulseaudio in Yast > hardware >sound on other pulseaudio configuration remove the check enable. Fixed things for me