I lost my KDE Wallet

Hi, I’ve OpenSuse Leap 15.5. While I can login normally to my laptop, I forgot my KDE Wallet and have to type my WIFI password each time I log in. I tried to add a new wallet using the walletmanager app but the KDEWallet keeps asking me for the password. Grateful if you can point me in the right direction.

Check if you have the following installed:


KWallet - openSUSE Wiki

Check whether “pam_kwallet” is installed – it probably is.

In that case, you can try:

  1. logout;
  2. Use CTRL-ALT-F1 to get to a command line and login there;
  3. cd .local/share/kwalletd
  4. rm -f kdew*

This will delete your existing KDE Wallet. When you next login, a new one will be created. You should be able to use CTRL-ALT-F7 to get to a login screen.

If you have “pam_kwallet” installed, then the new wallet should be automatically setup to use blowfish encryption and to use your login password as the encryption key.

Hi, It says No such file or directory when I tried to delete it with the rm - f kdew*

If that directory – “$HOME/.local/share/kwalletd” is empty, then a new wallet should be created on your next KDE login.

Many thanks indeed :slight_smile: I just logged in after it was sleeping and it prompted me to create a new password for kwallet.