I`ll keep you posted :)

Well today Installed Mandriva I know,I know but Suse will be installed on 1.5TB HD.
I know that Mandriva can handle Suse will 100% to.My idea is to install few more linux and after Suse.
My idea is Mandriva, Ubuntu ,Fedora and the Suse;).
My new Motherboard MSI X58 ECLIPSE works very good and the Nvidia GTX 295 I have to fined out with suse I`m sure no problem.

Nice to be backlol!


I had a little foray into Mandriva-land as well. It was good - you’ll enjoy it.

With Fedora, might be worth waiting for the release candidate in 10 days or so.

My next one to test is gonna be Arch. Gonna be an adventure!

Just know I`m using my wife laptop,anyway my other 320GB I could not put into my desktop because it need Reals.
Reals is mount into the desktop it is easy to pull out of the desktop.
My with the 2nd. 320gb HD I hope I can find two better 6 reals in case I need.
Fedora is coming out on 26may09 so I can wait;)

I really appreciate for you info.:slight_smile:


I tried out Kubuntu 9.04 recently and was very surprised at how good it is now. They had problems in the past, but their latest offering is (in my opinion and experience) extremely nice and the best ever.

The best thing is that suspend-to-ram worked perfectly for the first time ever on my HP laptop, I was amazed. I updated my copy of openSUSE 11.1 to use the latest vanilla kernel and QT4.5, and it now works nearly as good as Kubuntu did so I’m happy to stick with suse now.

I also downloaded the ArchLinux installer and plan to try that out later, although it sounds a bit scary. I’ll leave that project alone for a few weeks though, looks like it will take a long time to figure it out. Should be interesting though :D.

The one thing is will it work with Suse 11.1:?.
Motherboard MSI X58 Eclipse,320GB intern.HD,400GB Ext.HD,1.5TB intern.HD,6GB ram.Dual ViewSonic VX1962WM Monitor,Zip drive 250MB,HPpsc 2410 printer and Logitech G51 speakers
that is my question?:\


What happens when you boot with the Install DVD?

With DVD works no problem but I had problem with partitioning and I getting around with it.I restarted no problem rotfl!rotfl!I`ll see you at *(http://forums.opensuse.org/hardware/64-bit/414591-i-hope-you-can-help-me-livecd-_64-bit.html).

See yeah;)


PS thanks for helping me to everyone:)*