I just quit smoking. Anybody want to join me?

I’ll be serious too, this time, though not stopping. Just know that an addiction is for life. Accept that craving will come back, even after years. You’ll always be a smoker, you just don’t do it anymore. Two examples:

A friend that I’ve known for years (never as a smoking person) went out for fags the night she heard her mother had died. “Wanted fags, bought them, smoked all of them” she said.

My dad stopped in 1975. Last year he was on his bike at a traffic light, a guy standing in front of him lit a cigarette. Instead of turning left, which he should, he blindly followed the smoker for minutes, before he realized what he was doing.

udaman wrote:
> My thoughts on “just one” … Don’t, don’t, don’t.

i agree: don’t don’t don’t—however if evil makes you do it then put
it out as fast as you can–do NOT allow yourself to “enjoy” it–put it
out, put it out…

i mean do you enjoy dying…go visit a cancer ward…watch the dying
turn off their oxygen so they can ‘enjoy’ their fix

decide right then you made a mistake and you CAN get over it…then
don’t don’t don’t


I wish you guys the best of luck on this. Here is my most important piece of advice. If you fail and have one, DO NOT wait to quit again. If you have one, then quit again right after it. Don’t let it get you down and make you think you can’t do this. If you let it get you down, it might be 10 years before you attempt to quit again. Keep making the attempt till you are successful.

One and one half days behind me. I’m celebrating the small victories cuz this is starting to suck. I’m hanging in there though. How are you holding up Jonathan_R?

Im in, had my last one last night. I’ve drank a litre of water already before lunch, its tough! Tried before longest was 6mths. For me its seems to get me in 3s as in 3hrs, 3days, 3wks - this was the worst, cos u think ah yeh im grand sure I can have one - NO YOU CANT - looking forward getting to 9mths this time :wink:

Best of luck

Glad to have you along for this unplesant but worth it ride livewire10.

Good job to you all. Keep it up, you’ll be better for it.

livewire10 wrote:
> looking forward getting to 9mths this time :wink:

i know that just now getting to 9 more minutes is a good enough goal,
which you can make…

but, a heck of a long time before you get to 9 years, you will go nine
days without thinking about you used to want to smoke…

after about day three or four it gets a little easier each day…

don’t mis-understand readers, it is still not a cake walk…just not
jump-off-a-bridge horrible…on day 13…or 33…or 93, depending on
your state of mind and willingness to NOT do a sissy, and give up.


On Wed, 17 Feb 2010 22:09:36 +0000, palladium wrote:

> i mean do you enjoy dying…go visit a cancer ward…watch the dying
> turn off their oxygen so they can ‘enjoy’ their fix

I had an uncle who had emphysema who would do this. Really sad that I
never got to know him, and that he missed most of his sons’ lives as a


Jim Henderson
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On Wed, 17 Feb 2010 01:36:01 +0000, Tokugawa-Ieyasu wrote:

> I was clever and never started smoking in the first place rotfl!
> I simply don’t like having to pay lots of money for ruining my health.

I never started either, but my parents both smoked a lot - and my older
half brother was a chain smoker for > 30 years. I find that I have a
hard time breathing around smokers; I occasionally would go out with a
boss or coworkers years ago when they took their smoke break, but I’d
stand upwind. :slight_smile:


Jim Henderson
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Chewing gum (not nicotine stuff). Lots of it. And crisps.

I had half a *** (cig) 2 weeks after I quit - it was NASTY, tasted like the first *** (cig) I ever smoked: that nasty burning taste, smelled exactly like an ashtry.

Also, smokers now smell to me like week old stale pot-noodle. Did I smell like that? Seriously? I though the gub’mint was just making it up…

Hang in there peeps: sending David Blane hypno-waves in your general direction —>>>

Edit, why are you censoring the word ‘***’? By which I mean F\A\G or (f)(a)(g) as in the English slang for cigarette

I quit when I was 24 (many many years ago :slight_smile: ).

The hardest part is actually deciding (in your deepest consciousness) that you want to give up, after that it’s incredibly easy. Well, that’s what I found.

All it takes is 2 weeks of abstinance, and the craving has gone forever.

I used a big glass jar that I filled to the brim with those small oblong sugar coated tablet type chewing gums, and each time I felt the urge coming on, I filled my mouth and chewed till my jaw broke off.

The contributing factors to my decision to quit were health, cost, and no longer wanting to be a slave to fat overpaid tobacco company shareholders who were getting fatter at my expense.

I think the main obstacle for smokers is that they need something to do with their hands. They’re used to always having something to do, but without the ritual of the cigarette, they feel at a loss. Maybe find a replacement, I really have no suggestions there, maybe carry those “stress balls” with you and fiddle with those, or pick your nose instead (much better than smoking but on a par in the disgust stakes :wink: ).

It’s like anything in life, if you really want it bad enough, you can do it, you just need to believe in yourself.

Problem is, how to stop yourself from getting fatter at your own expense? Thats something I’ve definitely noticed since quitting: I’m getting fatter :frowning:

The other week I split the seams on my work trousers, luckily I was at home or it wouldn’t have been half as funny sa it was :slight_smile: DON’T MAKE JAMES ANGRY! RAAAAH!

weighty foe wrote:
> Edit, why are you censoring the word ‘***’? By which I mean F\A\G or
> (f)(a)(g) as in the English slang for cigarette

nothing new…

as contemporary/creeping political correctness corrupts and dumbs down
the language perfectly good words get stuck in naughty word filters
all over the globe…

the mentality: if the words (someones decide are bad) can’t be used
then all bad stuff will disappear…kinda like burning books with
which you don’t agree…and, similarly productive…


Glad to hear thing are going good for you. I now have day two behind me. It was harder than day one. However, when I woke up this morning (day 3) there was no instant craving for a smoke. In fact I’ve been up for about 4 hours and still no morning craving yet. I’m sure it’s comming, I’m just surprised it’s waiting this long.

I can sure cough up some nasty looking stuff here lately. Hope that goes away soon. :slight_smile:

Jonathan_R and livewire10, you guys still with us? Let us know how it’s going.

linuxminded wrote:
> I can sure cough up some nasty looking stuff here lately. Hope that
> goes away soon. :slight_smile:

it will take some weeks…and, in several months to a year your lungs
will turn pink again…now they are probably BLACK, see

i remember it was about six or eight months into my quitting and my
wife and i were sitting down to dinner and she poured a glass of
pretty good red wine into my glass and i said “Hey, i can smell that
red wine without even picking up the glass!” and, she said “Of course.”

i had NO idea it was possible…

i also had NO idea how really bad smokers smell…i’ve learned to
stand back around three feet, and up wind…the stink is in their
breath AND it oozes from every pore…


get the urge to smoke? stick your nose in an ashtray!!


On the down side, I can already tell my sense of smell is improving because I can smell when the dog farts. Now I know what my wife has been complaining (and cussing) about!rotfl!

Tell you what, if you publicly make a pledge here to report every day how you are going, that will give you incentive to stick with it, or be very embarrassed.

I can smell cigarette smoke from a car driving past in the open country and even on the freeway/autobahn, even people walking past at over 20 metres away!

But I wish you all luck in your endeavours, stick with it, it really is worth the effort.

one week down. Hit a minor bump in the road the other day but I’m back on track now. Day four and five were a bear but things are starting to get a little easier now.