I JUST installed Opensuse yeah

I install Opensuse 11.1 with my ext.350GB HD it`s on win XP format,250mb Zip drive,HP Printer and my Digital usb camera.
I got 2x300gb+ internal HD,Nvidia 7100, audigy sound card
with 2 Monitor Viewsonic 19

Is it ok to use LVM…?. - openSUSE Forums

I can go into my ext. HD,Iomega 250mb drive,my printer works ok. Only my 2nd. (Viewsonic) monitor,audigy sound card and I have no time to check it out.
But I will work on it and I`m rotfl!rotfl!rotfl! I can go to the internet now to chat with everyone at thise time.
Firefox is so fast faster then in win xp,it is perfect,but see you later


So far so good

Great one Michael, it’s an excellent O/S. Take it easy mate :wink: