I just Inherited a wireless mouse

I just Inherited a wireless mouse from my Son. A logitch V220
Never had one before.
I’m thinking if I plug this in while he’s watching, I don’t want fuel for his opinions that Linux is rubbish.
Never mind I though, try it. So I unplug my corded mouse, shove the small usb dongle in the back of my box.

Job done.
Nothing more required.:wink:


[now be careful, don’t go leaving crumbs on the desktop for the little critter]

I feed it regularly and it just benefited from having a AA up it’s Ass

always keep a supply of batteries for your handheld devices;)

caf4926 wrote:
> I just Inherited a wireless mouse from my Son. A logitch V220

it is really gettin’ cool, and SO much easier…i agree…

i remember when i hooked up my logitch wireless (in about 2004/5–the
paint is worn off in lots of places) i had to google and fiddle with
xorg.conf for days…

but, i learned i could have both a wireless and wired mouse at the
same time…amazing…

the n00bs have no idea how really easy it is, now…


Even unplugging the old one wasn’t necessary…Having 2 mice on linux works…That’s how we fight our linux debates…:wink:

I use a generic non-branded USB wireless mouse, and have never had ANY probs with it. I keep an old wired one plugged in as well, in case my batteries run out in the middle of a poker hand, no probs…:slight_smile:

But before we get toooo smug about it, they work fine in MSWin as well…

Actually, thinking about it, I have 2 mice on my Laptop most of the time. Because as good as my little red nipple is, I find a hand mouse easier. They play perfectly together.

cool! How about a pairing it with a wireless keyboard? :slight_smile: (for desktop PCs haha)

Anyway I’m new here! :slight_smile: Good day to all!

You’re welcome. In both meanings. And, 2 keyboards is no problem either…, nor 2(00) users logged in simultaniously.

Off topic:
@Carl: And avatar also changed with wireless mouse. Wireless mouse with wireless avatar. Nice one. :wink:

Changed that Yesterday after a discussion we were having in our admin area:idea:

Is it because of the M$ windozzzz logo there in the previous one.

Oh, I see what you mean.
Now let me think…er…NO!

More or less, because I can! - Have an animated av that is!

Actually i thought, in the admin area discussion may be some one suggest to change the avatar because of the logo. Or may be offensive to M$… :slight_smile:

mmarif4u wrote:
> … may be offensive to M$… :slight_smile:

wouldn’t wanna to offend Redmond!
wouldn’t want them having to cry all the way to the bank!!