I hope I not asking a question that I should know

Where are all of the manuals in either PDF, or docs or html text books now? I thought they were in /etc or bin

Normally down in /usr/share/doc and down lower… Or something specific your looking for?

If installed packages include text documentation, that’s where they’re normally located…
There are the MAN pages which can be invoked from anywhere,
Desktop documentation is normally invoked through a GUI selection,
The openSUSE documentation is now entirely online

For new Users,
In a slide deck I created, describes this and other useful things to know and do for a new install…


They are all on line now, they are not in the location you spelled out, but I found all of the current documents that I wanted online. Thanks.

If you installed via GeckoLinux then most man files are not installed by default to save space on the install media