i have problem

Hello guys i hope you all doing fine ,
I have ASUS laptop and is annoying at bios
I want just install leap 15 and i cant he installation until 99% and i waiting for hours and no thing happen…
I try many SOLUTIONS like enable CSM and stop secure Bios and no thing … >:(:’(

I looked at google and youtube and tried solutions but did not benefit:beat-up:

plz plz
If anyone knows a solution tell me



Will need to know the last/current display on your screen or if just a blinking cursor what preceded.

If you’re not familiar with the different stages of a system install, take a picture of the screen with a camera and post the picture.
To post a picture, you first have to deploy the picture somewhere, you can deploy to a personal Internet service like Dropbox, Google Drive, pastebin, etc, configure its public sharing and then use the URL for that picture in the “Insert Image” button in the toolbar when you create your post.

An alternative to posting elsewhere is to create you a Wiki page for yourself (see my Forum signature how to do this).
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How far does it get? What are the last messages that you see?

If it has gotten as far as installing the bootloader, then the install may have completed.

I try many SOLUTIONS like enable CSM and stop secure Bios and no thing … >:(:cry:

That should not make any difference. Those only affect booting. If you got to 99%, then you were well past booting the installer.

99% means you are in the moment were the GRUB bootloader is being installed.Could it be that UEFI is enabled in bios?

the last thing is
ueser name

and when i write main dose not accept

now when i restart give me
when i write main dose not accept

This means, that the install has completed, at least if you mean you see a login screen. You should be able to use the username and password you created during install.

this what i talk about

this link

From those images:

The install completed.
The system is rebooting.
It is generating errors while booting – it looks as if it does not like some of the hardware. But since the installer managed to boot, those should not be serious problems.

One of your posts seems to indicate that you got to a login screen but were unable to login.

and when i write my name and pass
dose not accept
and when restart show me black screen with something miss

Looking at your first two screen on that page, they appear to be from GDM login screen. However, when I do that, I see the user name above the password box. So I’m not quite sure what is happening there.

When I first see the GDM login screen, it shows a list of users. There might be only one. I click that, and get the screen you are showing. And I only need to enter the password there.

However, let’s try something different.

When you see that screen, try:
That is, hold down CTRL and ALT and click F1. That should take you to a plain text screen, and there should be a login line. See if you are able to login there.

thanks man for all
i dont know why this asus is **** with any other system
i know this not from leap or other destro is my laptop with bios

thanks man


What’s the current status – are you now able to login for a graphic session? Or are you at least able to login for a command line session?

no my friend i back to win
and i will find way to install

Can you boot from the install media in rescue or failsafe mode and check your disk with smartctl.

smartctl -a /dev/sda

Also is the disk set to type gpt, to check run;

gdisk -l /dev/sda


try many harddisk und flashdisk
and i try many distro
the only one finish install was leap the others distro was two hours and no thing

i dont know why
and when i back to the win i boot up from cd
and no no problem i feel bad

On your screen shot of the BIOS, is there a UEFI option rather than CSM, or just CSM and Legacy?

If you use a Tumbleweed RescueLiveCD and make a USB device or cd media and boot from that;