i have problem in screen login

i have problem in screen login i do not now

i shutdown yesterday but when i power on today
the appear this


and i enter user and pass

but the same problem
desktop do not appear

how can fix it


You cannot run “startx” as user in the default openSUSE setup (since years).
Login as root and try again.

If it doesn’t work, please show the error messages.

i try root but also same it and output this images


Sorry, but this picture is definitely not as root. If you login as root, the login prompt should be displayed in red, and the ‘>’ should change to ‘#’…

Apparently you posted the wrong one? It shows the same time as the previous one. :wink:

I notice that you have an /etc/xorg.conf though.
Try to remove or rename it.
If the specified graphics driver cannot be loaded for some reason, it will prevent Xorg from starting completely.

And xorg.conf should not be necessary since years, Xorg is perfectly capable to determine the best graphics driver automatically.

thank you i fix by backup file

but i have question

how i know the nvidia dirve is ok ( 760 m gtx )

and my laptop heat out of it

Well, the question is if the nvidia driver is used now at all.
Probably not because I suspect the xorg.conf did specify nvidia and the likely reason for your original problem then is that it couldn’t be loaded.

Can you please provide the file /var/log/Xorg.0.log?
Upload it to http://susepaste.org/ or similar and post a link.

And how did you install the nvidia driver in the first place?
Via the repo or the .run installer?


and i install the same this video

but i try install NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-375.20.run
but screen desktop freeze i do not know

This is an Optimus system, and Xorg is running on the intel chip.

Installing nvidia breaks the intel driver though.
So, uninstall it again, there’s no way to get it to work (the nvidia driver doesn’t support Optimus), unless you can disable the intel graphics in your BIOS settings.

If you do want to use the nvidia chip, you need to use Bumblebee or prime: