I have been using OpenSUSE for years and love it!


I have been using OpenSUSE for years and love it. I have probably tested about 20 distros and lately Ubuntu, which I did not like much. I am bit worried now because Attachmate bough Novel. Hopefully my distrust is unfounded.

But I would like to see OpenSUSE as separate unit from Attachmate - as nonprofit foundation. Part of the support would come from Attachmate and maybe other SuSE supporters like IBM. I am not much as a programmer so I can not help on that side. But I would be willing to pay 250-300euros/year to foundation if that money would go to further OpenSUSE and not to profits of Attachmate. I bet other OpenSUSE users would be willing to pay also. One have to remember how Mandrake community supported it when it had a tough patch.

I guess there have been discussions like this before. Any links?

Best Regards
Kari Laine

Your wish has already been granted. The move towards making openSUSE a foundation was under way long before Attachmate came on the scene and Attachmate have expressed their support for continuing to develop the relationship.

openSUSE:Foundation - openSUSE

I don’t think attachmate makes much of a difference. Hey, they’re still Novell.