I have a spare Computer for firewall....?

Well my second computer I like to use only for firewall and I now that is possible.

Could you please give hand with that.


yes, you build a wall and set it on fire and you have your firewall :stuck_out_tongue:

Joking aside, don’t you have a router with built-in firewall?

My friend can you look up in few min. tell me about LXF34DDEC.2002;)

I will tell you that I use linux beffore that time and before I use Amiga with dual KEYBOard and Mouse it was in late 1990lol!

I do not know what that is, even google doesn’t return a single hit. Is this a router model number or something? If so provide the full name/model/version/etc

Okay I will tell you lxf is a short = Linux Format 34D Dec.2002 is a DVDcames with Openoffice.org1.0.1 plus KDE 3.1 beta
and the oldest linux format is in the garbage.But I have still LXFdecember34d 2002 and LFX40DMay 2003.
You may look up in Linux Format :: The website of the UK’s best-selling Linux magazine and find more answer and all of our member. :wink:



and how does this releate to building a Linux firewall PC? You did not even answer my question about whether you have a router with built-in firewall or not

Okay you should be always be prepare,you or everyone have a router with buift-in-firewall is it 100% secure.No such thing nothing is 100% secure but if you have a second firewall like smoothwall then they may give up.LIke you hit first wall then you hit other wall may you will think two time may is a onther brick wall.For me is I`m finished in few hrs in internet I shut down my computer.
That is my next option.:slight_smile:


Maybe you’re a bit too paranoid. A decent HW firewall can give you a pretty high protection. Anyways, if you want a PC acting as a firewall then get a specific firewall Linux distro, like IPCop IPCop.org :: The bad packets stop here! or another one from the list here List of Linux router or firewall distributions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yes sometime I get paranoid if I give personal info and I should,you like to know what is happen to me 9years ago.