I have a spare computer and...

I just installed OpenSuSE on it. I also just figured out there is a wireless card on it i didn’t know about (how else would i get internet without any cables plugged in and one room away from the modem?!). I hope you guys can help me take care of it, i’m fairly new to UNIX/LINUX (my only prior experience being some reading and having to use a Knoppix bootdisk when i accidentally clobbered aforementioned Spare computer’s Windows XP installation…Okay, then it wasn’t my spare. it’s temporary demise was a catalyst in me getting my new computer.)? Do you guys have any bits of software or addons you can reccomend?

Try the stickies here to start with, if you struggle then post in that forum as the wireless gurus are more likely to look there.

Wireless - openSUSE Forums

Also try to include some info about the wireless card. Not really being a wireless user can’t really help, hopefully they’ll be some info in the stickies about how to get the info.

Also if you make the title a little more specific someone who has encountered the problem will be more likely to view it.

Well, i’m not having any problems yet but i’d just like to know how to get the most out of my new main linux machine.
SPECS (sure, they’re not much but they run SuSE decently!)
-512mb RAM
-2.2ghz processor
-200gb hard disk
-GeForce 6150 LE
-Not sure what the wireless is, it must have been added by whoever refurb’d it (as i bought it refurbished).

HP says about the spontaneous wireless…

If you need any other information, the computer is a HP pavilion slimline s7600n (bought in 2006).

Follow this sticky to get it up and running and start a new thread if you get any problems.

Getting Your Wireless to Work - openSUSE Forums

Hopefully if you follow that you’ll have it set up, I’m going to have to leave you in the hands of the wireless gurus. Also why I suggested a new thread in that forum with a little better title :wink:

Something like (Should the sticky not help) Wireless card **** can’t get working.

After reading that post I’ve pointed to you’ll be able to give people better info in regards to the wireless card.

Actually, i was pleasantly surprised. I had accidentally clicked the online help button, waited for the ‘404’, and lo and behold, it loaded. i went to google to make sure i wasn’t seeing things, and it too loaded!

I’m pleasantly surprised by OpenSuSE! it’s teaching me what i don’t know about my hardware.