I have a new machine with Uefi bios

I have a windows 7 on Sda, 500 mb, a second hard drive in bay, sdb, 1 terabyte and an external drive on Sdc, 1 terabyte. I have tried to install OpenSuse 42.1 on the second drive; sdb wit four particians, /boot-efi, swap, root / and /home. The program installs, but then when it wants to restart to configure, it tells me the boot failed. It also gives me a screen with the three moving dots with a text box at the bottom looking for the root password. I have to enter it, three times, then after a period of time, the boot failed comes up in terminal mode. This is the first distribution that I have had this much problems on install. I believe the Uefi is very confusing. I can turn off CMS (Disabled) and Secure boot to “other OS”, then reboot to sdb drive as the install to drive, the installation starts, make all the inputs for install. Putting the Grub installer in the /boot-efi partician, but no go on " reboot " to “boot to hard drive” from the DVD disk.

Any help or discussions to fix would be appreciated. Thank You in advance. This is a brand new Windows 7-home machine. My other one’s motherboard finally gave up the ghost…

That screen is past the point where UEFI matters. So it seems unlikely that your problem is UEFI related.

From your description, it seems that you installed with disk encryption (perhaps an encrypted LVM). That box at the bottom is not asking for the root password. Rather, it is asking for the disk encryption key.

I hope that’s all the hint that you need to get further. But if you still have problems, then can you tell us:

what desktop you are using (KDE or Gnome for example),
what graphics card you are using,
any other possibly specialized hardware that you know you are using.