I have a few wine questions for people that know how to use

first thing is I installed wine so I can play a game but after the install I cannot find the gui for it. does anyone know where it is?

I have a game installed on a separate drive and I copy/pasted it into the wine program files directory now how to I get wine to load the game , I went to the wine wiki and the game is listed as no problems, also I have played the game in the past using wine but like I have stated in other posts I still am a little rusty with Linux.
I tried to create a shortcut using the rightclick on desktop create launcher but I get a error saying I do n ot have permission to open it do I do a chmod command for this and if so I have forgotten the proper way.
any help would be appreciated

Geoff’s Linux tips - wine

hmm his instructions don’t seem to work when creating links to the applications. I can load my game if I go into the folder and double click on it but I get permission errors if I try the link I made , I tried this command that I found in the faq of wine website

cd ~
sudo chown -R user:user .wine

but I get an unknown user error

haha now I am getting no such directory

I would imagine you have more problems than that I bet there isn’t a user called user belonging to group user on your pc.

It generally is not a good idea to run something without vaguely understanding it. As for doing it with sudo then vaguely doesn’t even come into it.

Generally you can find help from man pages then if they are a bit obscure try using the word example in your search terms. Out of the top three for man chown it is only the top one that doesn’t have an example that should make sense of where you went wrong.

As for directory mmm well I have to wonder what other commands you’ve tried.

Whenever I have used wine in the past. I would install (rather than use a copied folder)
Install like this:
Place the game cd in the cd drive and open a terminal and cd /media
then cd to whatever, then
wine ./Setup.exe*
*=or whatever the setup filename is

Usually a icon for the running the application will be placed on the desktop or in the menu under the Wine section.

that is the thing I cannot find the wine section I have to config it through winecfg in terminal.

ok what I have done so far is made a script

wine ~/".wine/drive_c/Program Files/Diablo_II/Diablo II.exe"

and then opened terminal in that filder and did what I figured is the correct thing

chmod +x D2.sh

after that I went to desktop and created a launcher, all is well but I am not sure how to open up the game in a window Like I used to I tried -w at the end of the application launcher on my desktop but it does nothing.

when you create an icon you want the command for diablo to be wine game.exe -w that will start the game in windows mode
Here is a snapshot of the menu editor i would do it this way then drag the icon to the desktop or wherever