I hate this forum software!

Awful, same problem as Facebook. When the page has more than a certain number and/or length of posts (with FB, it’s virtually always), the page size changes with every use of scroll. It’s impossible to scroll from top to bottom or back with the browser scrollbar without a bunch of redrawing that hides search hits. Is there some option I can change to make a forum page fully load and stay loaded, and change only when I Ctrl-R or click the reload button?

I still find creating posts a major PITA here due to the screwy oddball markup syntax that differs from every other forum I use, and formatting buttons that don’t produce any visible response.


@mrmazda I can see a preview of what I’m typing to the right if hit the >> buttons bottom right?

With the reply editor window open, I can scroll through the the full thread?

In paragraph one I was not referring to editing. Simply navigating the page I can drag the scroller to top or bottom of a long thread, and it just bounces back away, because a drag to top doesn’t make the content reach the top unless it was almost there to start with. Same behavior WRT the bottom. It’s what FB does. Long pages (like FB’s virtually always are) are a continuously variable length, constantly causing the browser to redefine and redraw differing content that varies according to where the scroller is in relation to the total page content. One simple strike of the END key won’t reach the bottom the bottom either. It takes 3 PgDns to reach the bottom after the END key is struck on suse_rasputin’s “No boot with kernel 6.2” thread. Paradoxically, the HOME key does what it’s supposed to do.

This is the one thing that I dislike. If I really need to get to the top, I can change the url and reload. The last part of the url is the post number, so I can change that to ‘1’ to go to the top.

If I really need to go to the top, I press “Top” button.

Then why you started bitching about editing? You are not newbie to not know that mixing topics is highly discouraged.

The scroller works. END key moves to the top of last post. CTRL+END moves to end of page. No paradoxes involved, in my opinion of course.

The topic isn’t about editing. The topic is about the forum software. I haven’t mentioned everything here about it that irritates me, yet. The composition window is too small by a factor of 4, among other things, such as I can’t open the same thread in another tab to copy and paste when more attribution is required. I have to open a whole other web browser, and login there, to get what is needed.

I’m not sure I understand you here, but I have no problem having the same thread displayed in another tab while replying in the first.

Simply opening works normally. Copy & paste from the reply pane in the second tab doesn’t. The two tabs’ reply pane textareas get merged into a useless mess, somehow not isolated from each other.

I guess it depends on what content you’re trying to add to your reply.

You can use the timeline to scroll through the posts in the topic by dragging it, which does make scrolling from top to bottom of a thread relatively fast. For searching in the post I recommend using the magnifying glass in the top right with the “in this topic” option that shows up when you click on it.

No website should be duplicating basic functions of web browsers, especially not by usurping them. Find in page is a basic browser function. So is scrolling.

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Hear, hear!

I am simply doing much less on these forums, because of the constant frustrations.


And as usual you are barking up the wrong tree. Either go to discourse site and explain them what idiots they are - I am sure they immediately will realize that and implement your demands. Or find software that does what you want, deploy it, migrate this forum and maintain it.

What exactly do you expect from your ranting here? That someone suddenly will spend yet another half a year deploying different software for your personal satisfaction?

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Maybe ranting will solve nothing, but the OP may have the hope that not the developers of this, but the configurator can be influenced.

But again, it may be better to vote “with your feet”. As said my frustrations lead to less and less actions here.


@mrmazda here on Chrome, home and end keys work as expected even on the thread mentioned, scroll button works fine for moving through the thread as well?

You are sure you understood what the OP means? He is NOT talking about any keys, nor about scroll buttons. He is talking about the browser’s scroll bar. That bar, even when moved to the top (or the bottom), will then “jump back” and you are then not at the top (or bottom) of the page. You have to repeat the action and maybe after three of four sweeps you will arrive where you want to be. That works AFAIK on all other web pages. And the OP (and I) do not want to use another user interface on this web-site, just because it’s designers are frustrating the normal functioning of the browsers scroll bar.

@hcvv again if I use the mouse and scroll button on said bar, it does not ‘jump’ back here, when I stop scrolling it stops…

There are two tools involved, the mouse or the keyboard, use one or the other not both…

You can even select top right in the editor window to show a post under the editor window and scroll there…

Screenshot from 2023-03-13 08-12-46

This is the same OP that previously complained about Infinite page length, the bane of Facebook, a monster RAM gobbler. Now it turned out that the page length is not infinite - it is more like a viewport into a discussion, and of course viewport has to be moved as you navigate discussion. So, no RAM gobbler … and OP complains again that it is not RAM gobbler.

This is exactly how it works here. Browser scrollbar scrolls the content of the current visible page which is what it does on “all other web pages”. It is just that the current visible page shows some part of discussion and to navigate inside of discussion you logically need some other control elements - or heuristics that navigates as you scroll to the beginning/end of the current page. If you do not like either, you either get “Infinite page length, the bane of Facebook, a monster RAM gobbler”, or you need to split discussion into explicit pages. But then you cannot use “Find in page [which is] a basic browser function” to find anything in a discussion because the full discussion is not visible anyway.