I Hate Suse....

… 7.0 :open_mouth: rotfl!

I had to give it a try. I knew that it would probably not work on my computer, but I was hoping for an install at least. I forgot how USB support was back then and both my keyboard and mouse are USB. The installer would not recognize them, lol. I might try it on an old, old computer. Why? No reason. I was never able to really use it much when I got it. My computer at that time installed it fine but I had dial up and that winmodem was nothing but a headache.

Now if you will excuse me. I am going to try and install the last stable OS Microsoft made, Windows 3.1 :wink:

I am just following the title. I really hate suse for it’s pretty look doesn’t allow me now to try another distro.

As Conram said, i am also following the title…and that is the reason that i am installing openSUSE twice a week but never going try another.

> the last stable OS Microsoft made, Windows 3.1 :wink:

i disagree!
last stable M$ OS was Windows for Workgroups[tm] version 3.11 in 1993

wanna fight?

I’m a pro referee.lol!


Nah, no reason to fight over a .01 disagreement :wink:

> Nah, no reason to fight over a .01 disagreement :wink:


putting away his loaded .357! :wink:

And Suse_amd64x2
puts away his loaded Waterblaster XLR :slight_smile:

because it’s not like windows, I don’t have to spend many nights fixing problems, because everything works and now I have too much spare time lol!

If you hate Suse so much then why are you posting in a Suse forum…
Admin, please remove this troll! :P;)

Trolls are great, love their dance. For the Horde!

(Something from World of Warcraft for those that have no idea what I am talking about, lol.)

LOL I have to disagree. WinXP is the most stable OS M$ has. It just took 8 YEARS OF PATCHING TO FIX!!!

I expect Vista will be just as good by 2017! :slight_smile:


I prefer Debian based Linux Distros, I do use Ubuntu but mind you soon as I install it I rip most everything out and recompile half the software. Even compile my own Kernel :slight_smile: