I got a warn that "Low disk space" Just 92 MB left

I know it was my fault when i was installing SUSE , i did not checked partitioning things so much. so a partition automatically created for opensuse . how can i expand my disk space?:’(

Thanks in advnaced!

Hi, welcome

Without information we cannot say anything, it would be shots in the dark.
Please tell us how much space you reserved for the install, some info about the machine you’re running openSUSE (which version, which desktop environment -KDE / GNOME) on.

I am a new user! PC name: HP 4540s , RAM 4 GB, Hard Disk 500 GB, OS: openSUSE 12.3 (x86_64) GNOME

That is not enough info show us

fdisk -l

note that it is a lowercase L not a one

Did you use BTRFS files system?

The default is normally gives plenty of space unless you gave a very small amount of free space.

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