I got a (feature-)request...who shall I contact

Watch out! My English is crap

I know that I shouldn´t ask question here, but I really don´t know where I should have post this elsewhere.
Now: Here is my “trouble”: 3 persons are using our computer (gnome DE). That means that it often happens that 2 or 3 sessions are active. So far so good.
Ok, now following situation: One Session for PersonA is active, PersonB wants to a do “switch user” he clicks on switch-user-icon, the he sees PersonB-icon and PersonC-icon that can be chosen. PersonB clicks the PersonB-icon. GDM starts! And PersonB needs to enter his name and password.
WHY should PersonB re-write his name, he´s already chosen to start his session.
Ok this is not a real problem, but why isn´t it possible that gnome “talks” directly to gdm so that a re-entry of the username isn´t necessary anymore?
Whom should I tell this? Mister gnome? Mister OpenSuse…who is responsible for that?


I’m guessing now: I think it is necessary to log in again so security is maintained. If person A leaves a session running and leaves the computer, person C could access Person A’s data if there was no need to login during the Switch User routine.

Who to talk to: Mr Suse I think: Wishlists - openSUSE