I don't understand the new login feature for wireless connections

Please can anybody explain me the new feature how to establish a wireless connection without entering a password into one or two apps (kded5 and kdewallet) at every boot up?
Which password: a new one or the WLAN? I’ve entered an own for these ‘tools’, but I’ve to enter the WLAN key again and again.
How can I ignore this? My wlan ap key is enough.

Have suse hired some people from microsoft?

If suse want to prevent more people from using linux, especially the suse version, continue this way.
This is a step back to a software for suse admins.

Yes, I know that it is more and more an enterprise version, but nevertheless, can suse be a little less nerdy?
I can’t read minds.

Thx to the community for your help

Well, Plasma is only available in the openSUSE release, it’s optional via package Hub for the Enterprise release and not supported (it just doesn’t negate system support if from Package Hub)…

I don’t use Plasma, but perhaps if your system is set to autologin, then it may not store the wallet password, likewise for Network Manager, if you set the option to use for all users then it should not ask for the wireless password again.

Go into the connection editor for the network applet.

Use the security tab. Where you enter the password, there should be a choice:

  • Store the network key encrypted
  • Store the network key in an unencrypted file
  • Provide the key every time.

Go with the option to store the network key unencrypted in a file.

By the way, the file where this is installed is readable only by root, and is in “/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections”. It seems safe enough for me.

Have suse hired some people from microsoft?

As far as I know, the default comes from KDE.org, not from openSUSE.