I don't see the "updates" item in Plasma settings

Hello, everyone. I use Plasma on Tumbleweed. I would like to enable offline updates. I don’t even see the “updates” menu item in settings. Maybe I need to install an extra package? Also I wanted to ask if it would be possible to launch offline updates with a command from CLI.

As Tumbleweed snapshots are in fact new versions of Tumbleweed you should update Tumbleweed only with

zyper dup

And as Tumbleweed is released as said above it almost never will use the Update repos. Thus looking for updates is not very useful.

I guess that many Tumbleweed users have removed that applet as not applicable.

IIRC you need to install Discover which is not present by default on openSUSE. The offline updates are implemented by this program.

zypper does not support it directly. You would need to use PackageKit (which Discover is using).

The direct answer is

pkcon offline-trigger

but this assumes that all updates are already downloaded so you probably need to run

pkcon --only-download update


Discover is present in Tumbleweed openSUSE. I don’t know if it is possible to use it. But anyway it is already present with the default installation.

It is discover-notifier, sorry.


These are somewhat delicate things to proceed with a “probably” . I think I will continue with zypper dup.

No probabilities involved on infamous host erlangen. Removed all graphical stuff:

erlangen:~ # zypper search discover packagekit updates 
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S  | Name                              | Summary                                                                            | Type
   | aws-sdk-java-discovery            | AWS Java SDK for AWS Application Discovery Service                                 | package
   | cockpit-packagekit                | Cockpit user interface for packages                                                | package
   | discover                          | Software store for the KDE Plasma desktop                                          | package
   | discover-backend-flatpak          | Flatpak Backend for Discover                                                       | package
   | discover-backend-fwupd            | fwupd Backend for Discover                                                         | package
   | discover-backend-packagekit       | PackageKit Backend for Discover                                                    | package
   | discover-lang                     | Translations for package discover                                                  | package
   | discover-notifier                 | Update notifier for KDE Software Manager                                           | package
   | eclipse-p2-discovery              | Eclipse p2 Discovery                                                               | package
   | gnome-packagekit                  | Applications for the PackageKit API                                                | package
   | gnome-packagekit-extras           | Extra applications for the PackageKit API                                          | package
   | gnome-packagekit-lang             | Translations for package gnome-packagekit                                          | package
   | gnome-software-plugin-packagekit  | GNOME Software Store - PackageKit plugin                                           | package
   | jakarta-commons-discovery         | Jakarta Commons Discovery                                                          | package
   | jakarta-commons-discovery-javadoc | Javadoc for jakarta-commons-discovery                                              | package
   | libpackagekit-glib2-18            | GLib integration of PackageKit                                                     | package
   | libpackagekit-glib2-devel         | GLib integration of PackageKit                                                     | package
i+ | libpackagekitqt5-1                | Simple software installation management software                                   | package
   | libpackagekitqt6-1                | Simple software installation management software                                   | package
   | microos_base_packagekit           | openSUSE MicroOS using PackageKit                                                  | pattern
   | netdiscover                       | A network address discovering/monitoring tool                                      | package
   | PackageKit                        | Simple software installation management software                                   | package
   | PackageKit-backend-dnf            | DNF backend for the PackageKit installation management software                    | package
   | PackageKit-backend-zypp           | Zypp backend for the PackageKit installation management software                   | package
   | PackageKit-branding-openSUSE      | Simple software installation management software -- openSUSE default configuration | package
   | PackageKit-branding-upstream      | Upstream configuration for the PackageKit installation management software         | package
   | PackageKit-devel                  | Header files for development with PackageKit                                       | package
   | PackageKit-gstreamer-plugin       | Install GStreamer codecs using PackageKit                                          | package
   | PackageKit-gtk3-module            | Install fonts automatically using PackageKit                                       | package
   | PackageKit-lang                   | Translations for package PackageKit                                                | package
   | packagekitqt5-devel               | Simple software installation management software                                   | package
   | packagekitqt6-devel               | Simple software installation management software                                   | package
   | patterns-microos-base-packagekit  | openSUSE MicroOS using PackageKit                                                  | package
   | plasma5-pk-updates                | Software Update Manager for Plasma                                                 | package
   | plasma5-pk-updates-lang           | Translations for package plasma5-pk-updates                                        | package
   | typelib-1_0-PackageKitGlib-1_0    | Introspection bindings for PackageKit's GLib integration                           | package
erlangen:~ # 

Removal of libpackagekitqt5-1 would cripple the system, presumably caused by an erroneous dependency,

Daily Tumbleweed upgrades are performed in the background using a systemd service running in the system slice which warrants high robustness and efficiency with respect to cpu time and memory consumed as well as easy maintenance.

erlangen:~ # systemctl cat dup.service 
# /etc/systemd/system/dup.service
Description=zypper dist-upgrade

ExecStart=/usr/bin/zypper --non-interactive dist-upgrade

# /etc/systemd/system/service.d/toplevel-override.conf
erlangen:~ # 
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