I don't know why i was using Ubuntu and windows 7 for long time~~

I just fresh install OpenSuse 12.1
My very first exp with opensuse and “WoW”
wow this is nice.
waaaay better then ubuntu for some reason.
I can feel it.
Our old old stone age windows xp slow pc turn into beautiful os ever.
good good light os with good control memory management.
No antivirus tool required (i love it)
e-mail client tool, message tool, photo editor tool, text tool, even it comes with firefox !!!
I thank you to all Opensuse pro users.
You guys give me chance to use this OS and i really love it.
Thank you so much guys !!!
Have wonderful weekend~

Welcome to the forum; thanks for your feedback and enjoy!

Welcome to the forums!

Did you install KDE or Gnome version, and might I ask what version of Ubuntu are you coming from?

Just to get a point-of-reference you’re coming from.