I dont know what's occupation hard drive space

I have main ssd drive with all my stuff and 2nd H Drive where I install my games
ssd is 120 gb and before ~20gb is being used
but something has happened and now 87gb is being used

I can’t figure out what’s occupying the space

You found Filelight but you do not know what to do with the data?

You see that 98% of the data is used under /usr so that seems to be all OS related data unless you did yourself place data under /usr which is I think a bad idea.

What did you do in the period from before “before something happened” to after it? Most likely some zypper operations.

In the past (for some distributions) it was recommended to set up /usr on a separate partition. This is no longer valid. It seems that you have chosen a way to small /usr partition size (i have at least 20 GB of data in /usr, but it is no separate partition).

Your graphical tool is fancy but worthless for deeper inspection what’s up on your system (IMHO).

To get an understanding what are the biggest files/directorys inside of /usr you should post the output of:

sudo du -mx /usr | sort -rn | head -50   

It will show the 50 biggest folders under /usr filesystem, sorted descendingly by size in MB. You can also have a look under other directorys (and get rid of the biggest unneeded files in a proper way…).

But as mentioned: your space for /usr is way to small if you want to use your system in a meaningful way…

Additionally i have to add, that the visualisation of this fancy tool is totally missleading. I was wrong in my prior post. You don’t have a separate /usr partition. But your home folder is also located under the / tree of gecorolling but this tool doesn’t show it. Also /var is not shown and many other system directorys… So your main space is occupied by some directorys not shown in your screen. What about /var? What about /home?

Ncdu opened in any directory will show the directories and files consuming the most space automatically at the top, and allow migrating into them to see the composition of the consumption.