I don't find Sessions in system folder

I don’t found “Computer->Control Center->System->Sessions” for managing startup Program / Current Session / Session Options !!!
I am running Opensuse 11.0
See description : http://www.techotopia.com/index.php/OpenSUSE_Desktop_-_Starting_Applications_on_Login
Thanks for help

If using Gnome like in the link you posted, then right click your bottom panel( or any panel) choose add to panel, and then select Traditional Main Menu.

Now you’ll have /system/system/sessions.

After your finished you can remove it if you want or leave it.

If you have KDE4 go to Configure Desktop → Advanced tab → Autostart

Thank’s for information… I am running Gnome !!
I add Tradional Main Menu… and have access to Sessions… but when I use Application Browser → System… I do’nt find Sessions !! Normal ?
Thank’s for future answer !!

yes there are others missing from it like preferred applications as well.