I did something

Well, the other day I had this itch, and it just had to be scratched. No, not that kind. I have known about rpm5 for sometime, so I got the itch to try it. So I download the tarball and extract it. I read the README and the INSTALL file. OK, gotta get libbeecrypt up to date, check, that is now done. I have popt, so I’m not worried. Wrong, not recent enough. So I stop and get popt-1.15 and compile that. I also had to use YaST to install libbeecrypt-dev. So off I go installing rpm5. It works. At least as far as I can tell. I pull up YaST and it doesn’t see ANY rpm’s already installed. Hmm, back to the cli. rpm -qa kde* shows quite a lot. Ok, so query works. What version do I have?
> rpm --version
rpm (RPM) 5.1.9
OK, so that’s right. So now I get with Jeff Johnson in irc, and we spend over 4 hours at this. --rebuilddb fails, but the above parts of rpm work. So I try recompiling rpm5, and when I run make, it fails on something about popt. I check my configure options. Their all fine.

>./configure prefix=/usr --with-popt=/usr/local --with-db=internal --with-db-tools-integrated --with-zlib=external --with-bzip2=external --with-xz=internal --with-file=internal --with-lua=internal --with-sqlite=external --with-syck=internal --with-beecrypt=external --with-openssl=external --with-gcrypt=external --with-neon=external --with-pcre=internal --with-xar=internal --with-popt=external --with-keyutils=external --with-pthreads --with-libelf --with-python --with-perl --with-build-extlibdep --with-build-maxextlibdep --enable-build-pic --enable-build-versionscript --enable-build-warnings --enable-build-debug

So currently I have a broken rpm. Oh well, I don’t mind to much. I learned a lot from this. A lot of scripting. A lot about configure. And a lot more about rpm. I thought I knew a lot already, but I have learned even more now.

I am also probably the first to do this, so it is expected to run into issues. But I don’t mind, if it makes it easier for the next person. Once I get it to work, and I will, I’ll do a howto. And next time, I’ll use a livecd.

Well, I installed openSUSE 11.2 and all is fine now. Now I’ll just get the livecd and play with that.

You surely know how to break them, John :stuck_out_tongue:

I told you on IRC not to mess around with RPM, but noooo you had to do it :smiley:

fun fun :slight_smile: