I did a terrible thing...

… got home after a long night shift, wiped openSUSE from my desktop and replaced it with Ubuntu (seeing as I am planning on helping to establish an official Ubuntu LoCo here in the UAE…)

Sat in front of the PC after getting up… and realized I was missing Geeko and the know more familiar to me KDE… Oh noes!

Guess who is installing 11.3 again once back home :shame:


Temporary insanity happens to us all

Thanks for your understanding… (I got a right earfull on the opensuse IRC channel)…

You could also install KDE in there :slight_smile:

Thing is I have heard that the Ubuntu implementation of KDE is pretty mediocre… besides it is more than KDE that is drawing me (Geeko! Geeko! Geeko!)

Some call this “homesick”, isn’t it? :smiley:

Feels that way… problem is looking at the amount of time I have spent on Ubuntu vs openSUSE, Ubuntu should be home… then again, home is where the heart is :smiley:

That’s what a test partition is for, this way you won’t regret installing something else over your favorite distro.

Or play with other distros in virtual machines.

True… but I was replacing it… never knew I would be missing the green so much… just a few hours and I am back home, then the big re-install…